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Okkatots Pacifier Pouch

Parents often need a place to put small damp items so they won't collect
lint and debris. The new Okkatots Pacifier Pouch is the perfect solution.

The pouch is included in each Okkatots diaper bag and has convenient
points of attachment in each. It is removable and can be washed in warm
soapy water, or in the top shelf of a dishwasher. Parents love it!

1. Keeps up to two pacifiers accessible & sanitary.

2. Open base prevents debris build up.

3. Removes for easy cleaning with warm soapy water, or
top shelf of dishwasher.

img-changematOkkatots Changemat

The Okkatots Changemat is included in every Okkatots Diaper Bag.

1. Soft padded interior.

2. Waterproof changing surface.

3. Made of strong nylon fabric. Made to last.

Okkatots Wet-Wipes Pouch

A soft see-through alternative to hard plastic boxes the Okkatots Wet-
Wipes Pouch dispenses wipes and keeps them moist. The Wet-wipes
can also be use for tissues or to keep other items moist such as
a damp cloth and is included in each Okkatots diaper bag.

1. The Wet-Wipes Pouch is made of soft, bendable PVC, is heat
sealed, and uses a durable moisture seal zip to keep wipes moist.

2. The Wet-Wipes Pouch is included in all Okkatots diaper
and can be used while in place in theOkkatots Backpack
Diaper Bag.

3. Okkatots Wet-Wipes Pouch can be quickly and easily removed
for use at your convenience.

img-laundrybagOkkatots Laundry Bag

1. Okkatots Laundry Bag with zippered opening is a convenient accessory for any
diaper bag

2. Coated nylon prevents moisture transfer to other items in your bag.

3. Is removable and can be machine washed on gentle.

4. Comes as an accessory to the Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Bag and the
Okkatots Backpack Diaper Bag.


img-bottlebagOkkatots Bottle Bag

1. Drawstring top allows easy access to bottles in the Bottle Bag.

2. Is removable and can be machine washed on gentle.

3. Leave in refridgerator until needed to help bottle stay cooler longer.

4. Comes as an accessory to the Okkatots Shoulder Diaper Bag with it's own section
to keep it upright.



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