Baby Carrier Tip #2: Baby carrier adjusts even more as baby grows taller.

As we discussed in Tip # 1,  there are two methods for carrying your baby facing out.  As a baby grows too tall to comfortably fit her arms under the shoulder straps they can go out over the shoulder straps.  You can use this feature with your baby either facing baby in or facing baby out.  The straps are padded for this purpose.

When you first try this the straps might be too high under your baby’s arms.  To make baby more comfortable you can shrink the pouch down as if for a newborn.  This will lower the straps.

You can do this either after attaching the pouch to the shoulder harness or before.  (We’ll do a video of this soon to make it easier to figure out.)   In these images we show the pouch already attached to the shoulder harness.  The adjusting strap is pulled up, folded down then achored to the velcro pad.  The following pictures will give you an idea:  

adjusting pouch length

The shoulder straps are then connected under baby’ arms.  The following pictures show baby facing in and then facing out:

baby carrier - toddler

Be sure to do the waist belt up for added security.

attaching the pouch waist belt

Do you have any questions about how to do this?

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