Travel Bag Tip #1: Hang from a Stroller & More

In all our marketing material for the Travel Baby Depot Bag  we forgot to show how the bag can hang from a stroller!  It’s funny how something really basic can be overlooked!  The bag comes with a set of two top straps as well as the padded backpack straps.  These top straps each have a buckle.  The way the buckles are attached means you can connect & reconnect the buckles in multiple ways depending on your needs.  So, here are a few ways to use the tops straps including my favorites which are hanging the bag on a stroller or luggage cart and it’s also great at the end of a crib if your baby is young enough not to get up to anything unsafe in it!  Here are some pics to show you some different uses.

Loop and clip them over a stroller handle bar.

travel bag on a stroller

Loop and clip them over a rod or bar.
travel bag in a closet

Loop and clip them together for easy pick up and carrying.

travel bag straps looped together

Is there another way you think  the bag could hang?  Let us know!

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1 comment to Travel Bag Tip #1: Hang from a Stroller & More

  • Hanging the bag from the stroller is definitely a plus. I’ve seen my daughter fight with her bag and wonder where to put it too often. I’m in search of the very best bags for my website so thanks for this valuable information!

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