Baby Carrier Tip #1: Two ways to carry a baby facing out

There are two ways to carry your baby facing out in the Okkatots front baby carrier.

young baby facing out

Carrying baby facing out

Toddler facing out

Carrying a toddler facing out

Around three to four months old most babies want to face out and see the world. In fact I know some babies who only ever wanted to face out!  The picture on the left shows a young baby facing out with the straps coming over baby’s shoulder. This is the standard way of using the Okkatots detachable pouch feature.

The second picture shows our little toddler turned to face out while the pouch is attached as if facing in.  The straps go under baby’s arms.  Many popular baby carriers function this way.

Why the two methods?

The first method is designed to support a young baby facing out as soon as he wants to and has good neck strength. Baby has a clear view of the world and is well supported.  As soon as he shows signs that he is tired or over stimulated you can simply unclip the pouch and turn him to face you where he can sleep comfortably.

Because babies grow fast in their first year the second method comes in handy when your baby is tall enough to need more room.

With both methods you can add the waistband.  This gives you extra support and provides your baby with a little seat.  He can be carried this way for as long as both of you are comfortable.

Facing your baby out in the carrier is great for trips to the zoo or amusement parks, as a portable high chair, and to let you hold tight to a swing!  You can also keep an active child secure on your lap while enjoying a book together!   facing out at the animal sanctuaryfacing out readingat the park

Let us know what activities your baby enjoys while facing out in a carrier!

Do you have a question about facing your baby out?

Watch for our next tip on how to adjust the carrier even more as baby grows larger.

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