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What customers say about the Okkatots Baby Carrier:


Danica - Provo UT

"First of all, I LOVE THIS CARRIER!!! I seriously use it all the time. I just love that Carson loves it so much. He falls asleep any time he's in it. I love that I can go places, like the movies, and get him asleep and he'll stay asleep as long as he's in it. It's also easy to put him in it and get going. I absolutely love the Extend-to-tend feature - when Carson is fussy, I can calm him down with this and then tighten it back up. It is so user friendly.

I really appreciate how versatile the carrier is. I just can't say enough how much I love this carrier!!! Thank you!"


Sarah - Boise, ID

"My mom gave me this carrier. I first used it when my baby was a few days old. I have some lower back problems. I wanted to walk two miles to the store and thought my back was doing fine. Then I used the waistband on the way back so I could fit more in my backpack! It felt so good! It really supported my back and took the weight on my hips! I could wear just the waistband for how good it feels!"


Lehi, Utah

The Okkatots baby carrier is amazing. While traveling and walking through airports and carrying bags and pushing luggage, I would never have kept my sanity without it. The waist belt made it feel like I had nothing on, it was so comfortable. My little girl loved it and made everyone around her smile with her babbles of enjoyment while walking along. Then when she was getting tired I would quickly unclip the pouch part and turn her around and she would fall right to sleep. I had so many compliments on the carrier and everyone wanted to know who made it. I could carry her for hours at a time stopping only to feed her and she loved it, never complained. The design is chic and classy and looks good on anyone. The system allows me to unclip her once she's fallen asleep and lay her down without waking her up! It's easy on the back, I would highly recommend it to anyone, but especially those who have sore backs.


Angie - CA

"Thank you, thank you for making a pouch that fastens ONTO the baby rather than making me try to wedge the baby into a pouch. It's very nice to be able to lay her down onto the pouch and just buckle it around her. Everything is nicely adjustable to fit a wide range of baby and parent sizes. The carrier will fit 5'3" me and 6'3" husband, too."


Trisha - UT

"I would choose this carrier again. I think it's great for lots of situations. I like how it snaps off and that it works for the baby facing out or in. Baby can be completely secured in the pouch before being connected to the harness on the parent - excellent."


Larry - Los Fresnos , TX

"We bought the Okkatots Baby Carrier because we have triplet grandchildren and it's the best for holding one of the three and tending to the needs of the others. The carrier is designed very well.... it allows for one person to strap the baby in the carrier. Our grandbabies love it. They feel close to you and can view all that is going on. The carrier is very comfortable."


Jill - UT

"As the mother of four boys I have pretty much tried every brand of baby carrier on the market in the last ten years. From Snugli to Evenflo to Baby Bjorn, no matter how much they cost or claimed to be the end all of baby products, I have never found complete satisfaction with any of them. Someone finally got it right. I love this product. So much comfort and a custom fit to boot! Not only is this a comfortable and secure fit for my baby, it is extremely comfortable for the parent wearing it. No more straps that dig in to my shoulders and the baby's weight is properly distributed so no more back pain. I love the idea of fitting the carrier to my baby and not the other way around. This is great for travel, I don't even bother trying to bring a stroller anymore. I honestly cannot say enough great things about this carrier. I'm looking forward to trying out more of your products."


Meredith -Springville, UT

"I love this carrier! It has made life with four small children much more simple. I use it all the time. The versatility of the carrier makes it so easy to use. I really appreciated the drawings in the book that show how to use the carrier. They were very helpful. The carrier is so comfortable to wear for both mom and baby. The way the straps cross my back is very comfortable, and rarely does my back grow tired from wearing the carrier. My baby has been happy facing in as well as out, and it is so easy to turn around I can change it easily to suit my baby's current mood. Thank you Okkatots for making such a mommy-friendly product!"


Anonymous Customer - Battle Ground, WA

"What a great buy, this carrier cost half of what I previously paid for a (top brand) carrier and I find it much nicer to use."


Rebecca - Cedar Hills, UT

"I love this baby carrier. The carrier enabled me to accomplish a handful of things and get my life back into some kind of normalcy. I was able to walk briskly for over 45 mins every day and have my baby sleep. The carrier was comfortable for both my baby and me and saved an hour of stress. The carrier enabled me to shop while baby napped and it was delightful watching people admire the sweet little sleeping baby. A must for traveling, going through security, carrying luggage and walking down narrow isles. I seriously love this carrier, and I've gotten so many compliments on it."


Besty - Provo

".... I love it. Baby always felt secure. It felt like the baby was more secure than in the Baby Bjorn. I felt it distributed baby's weight correctly. It didn't hurt my back at all."


Anonymous Customer - Firestone, CO

"Very happy with this carrier. Works as advertised."


Jessica - UT

"I love the versatility, design and functionality of this carrier. It is so practical for me and my baby. My husband loves it too. It works so well to strap Nathan in first and then click him to me and then be able to look at him using the Extend-to-tend! We love going for outings, around the house, and everything!"


Anonymous Customer - Issaquah , WA

"This is a gift for my friend. I think it is a good choice to buy it."


Private seller on Craig's list - anonymous

This is an Okkatots front carrier and is so much better than any other carrier I researched, including Bjorn. Get extra life out of your baby products by using it first as a carrier and then as a shopping cart or chair harness. Fit skinny babies, fat babies, tall babies and short babies securely and snugly, and change the custom fit as they grow!

I was always too afraid of how difficult it seemed to get an infant in and out of many of the carriers on the market - with Okkatots you put the harness on you, put the pouch on baby (like a diaper), and then attach the pouch to the harness. Very easy on and off, whether baby is awake or asleep!



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