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front baby carrier
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img-front-baby-carrier-black Carry Baby Toward You

With the Okkatots carrier, your baby is
securely held in a comfortable, upright
position against your chest. It was designed
high enough so baby can lean into you
naturally for full support.
Being held this way is preferred by many
newborn babies - chest to chest, heart
to heart.

The soothing sounds and sensations of a
mother are reassuring and relaxing. This
position also helps your baby build core body
strength, develop balance, release swallowed air,
and keep liquids down.

Carry Your Baby Facing Out

As your baby grows, the carrier grows
with her. No need to remove your small baby;
simply detach the pouch, turn her around,
and reattach. She'll love the new view,
which is perfect for interacting with others,
playing with toys, or having a snack.

As baby grows larger leave the pouch
connected and turn baby around. Adjustments
let you increase or decrease the size of the carrier
for baby's comfort and fit.



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baby front carrier
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