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How the Okkatots Front Baby Carrier supports you and your baby

Support for You

The Okkatots front baby carrier system is designed to carry your baby in a natural position against your chest. Carrying your baby at the center of your body, rather than on the side, is better for your spine and hips because the weight is evenly distributed across your chest, shoulders, and hips. Holding your baby close provides optimal support for him and also minimizes any shifting in your center of gravity, which helps reduce back strain.

As you wear the shoulder harness, it clips in front of your chest like a vest and easily adjusts for a proper fit. With its wide, comfortable straps, the harness distributes baby's weight over a larger area for a more comfortable experience. Our exclusive OkkaBand Waistband can also be used with the carrier to give extra support to both you and baby
(see below).

Support for Baby

Our baby carrier offers a tremendous amount of support for your baby in multiple ways. The separate pouch is designed specifically to adjust to your baby's size. As your baby grows, the pouch grows along with him, both horizontally and vertically. For a newborn, the pouch is contracted to provide extra support for the little one's tiny body; fingerlike folds wrap gently around your baby's back. The older your baby gets, it's easy to lengthen and widen the carrier pouch for a perfect fit. The extra wide seat offers more bottom support than other popular baby carriers and expands as needed.

Adjustable straps connect to the top of the pouch to keep baby's head pulled near, offering lateral support around the entire head as well as back support. This lets you have a secure hold on your child even when you're bending and reaching. With our exclusive Extend-to-Tend® feature, the straps can also be lengthened, allowing your child to lay back away from you for face-to-face interaction that is perfect for playtime or feeding time while still being fully supported.

As a bonus feature, the carrier pouch can be strapped into a shopping cart seat. It offers a padded back and seat for your baby and provides support while the cart moves and turns; this is ideal for a baby learning to sit. Note: Babies and children should never be left unattended in a cart or on a chair.

Using the OkkaBand Waistband

The OkkaBand Waistband is the newest part of our front Baby Carrier System, which is what sets our carrier apart from other popular styles. This unique feature attaches to the bottom of the carrier to help pull baby closer to your center of gravity and shift the weight down to your hips. The weight is evenly distributed across your shoulders as well as across both hips on the soft, wide pads. Comfortable wearing means you'll be able to carry your baby for longer periods of time or when he becomes too heavy for shoulders alone. The Okkaband also provides a wider seat for your baby, whether he's facing in or out.




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