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Front Baby Carrier System

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Front Baby Carrier System

In what way is the Okkatots front Baby Carrier System different from other popular baby carriers?

The Okkatots front Baby Carrier system is different in a number of ways. These are explained on our Difference pages.

Can the Okkatots front Baby Carrier System be worn on the back?

This baby carrier system is designed to be worn on the front. For younger babies front carrying is recommended. See our Nurturing Benefits page.

What is the largest adult size the carrier can fit?

The shoulder harness can fit larger than a women's size 38 and a men's XXlarge

Up to what size baby can the carrier fit?

The baby carrier is designed to carry a baby up to 25lbs. A larger baby can be secured in a shopping cart using the pouch part of the carrier. This is suitable for a child up to about three years.

Travel Backpack and Diaper Bags

What is different about Okkatots diaper bags?

Okkatots diaper bags are made to last. For more information on what is different about our bags please go to our bags Difference page.

Does the Travel Baby Depot Bag - the large travel diaper bag - come in any other colors?

At the moment this bag is available in the cranberry red. More colors will be available in the future. We have had requests for black and gray. If you have a color request we would be delighted to receive it. You can send your recommendations to us via the information on our Contact Us page

Can the Travel Baby Depot Bag fit under the seat of an airplane?

The bag fits under all the airplane seats tried so far even when it is packed full.

Can the Travel bag carry diapers for different sized babies?

Yes, simply place the folded end of one size to one side of the diaper dispensor and the folded end of the other sized diaper to the other side. The diapers can also be alternated as you stack them.




If you have a question that is not yet answered please send us your email or call us using the details on our our Contact Us page.

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